Each time you open your mouth, I get angrier. Our people get angrier. South Africa gets angrier. At first, I would swallow my retort and just listen to the deceptions and defamations that spills from your mouth, shake my head and slide into the next day. Each new day, you would deny our pain, our suffering and the hunt that is on for us. Perhaps by your command? And every single day, it gets worse. You empower yourself like a coward does, through our silence. Your spineless silence condemns the reality of our extinction, and it angers us and it surges by the hour. 

Until one day. Soon, we will retort and we will retaliate.

It’s hard for others to imagine what it is like to live in our time. You are nothing more than a front for the mob, the cartels and the war lords who have steadily taken over South Africa, leaving destruction in your wake with nothing more than the ruins of your greed, your hatred and your hunt for our blood. The friendly face you portray to keep us and the rest of the world pacified is long gone. You no longer have a need to hide your abhorrence. There is no repercussion or punishment for your actions. It is out in the open. Your failure to protect us or condemn the crimes against us must be your fiercest message so far. Like the true coward you are, you insist that the torturous murders against us are merely β€œinternet crimes,” fabricated online and spread throughout the world by the malicious minority; us. 

We no longer use the word β€œgovernment” as a respected or authoritative organization; we have lost our taste for being dominated, crippled, hunted and murdered. Nevertheless, some of our own still can’t see. They don’t hear. They don’t understand. They don’t condemn. Instead, some of us bow to your commands and bow to your hatred. You have the world believe that we are racists or as you famously and regularly say, β€œwhite supremacists” for speaking out against you and your terrorist government; against the forces out to destroy us and in direct opposition of our Christianity.

Yet, the very religions of you and your terrorist armies have inspired crude methods of control, allowing you the puppeteer, the grand master, the greatest coward, to hide behind false superiority while manipulating your kind into barbarous acts of war, genocide and culture murders. You know this. We know this. But remaining silent, makes your manipulation simpler. We won’t remain silent any longer. We won’t bow down to your acts of terrorism and we don’t fear you or your evil ways. We fear only our God.

You, our government, suppressors and anti-genocide promoters have learnt how to influence and control the subconscious minds of your followers, bypassing their own ability to make decisions, and indoctrinating their minds with false truths, false history and your own personal, cowardly narrative. 

We didn’t surrender to your terrorist agenda. We don’t. We won’t. Ever.

We choose to fight by using the methods of generations before us; not for counter-propaganda, but to free our minds from your nauseating enclosures of fear.

Morals aren’t principles given how you bend them to suit yourself, yet there is no need to for you to be authentic, honest and true. Like a weakling. Like a coward. We intend and have begun to move in the right direction with certainty and pride, towards a day when our country’s needs are effectively met and with superior integrity and morals. Because the right to freedom, and lead a natural life is God given to all; it’s up to us to make a society where that can happen. And we will.

Resource restriction is your choice of weapon for this war; a way to cause stress in a selected and targeted population with enough tension to bring about conflict. Restriction of any need such as employment, protection against your criminal entities and the right to life will undoubtedly lead to war. A war you are calling for. A war your tribe is counting on. A war you cannot win because even the most vigorous of cultures will become contaminated once you refuse their basic needs. And you will. Eventually. 

By placing us in β€œsurvival mode,” you have placed us on the path to retaliation with a strong desire to survive by any force necessary. And we will. We’ve been here before. We’ve walked down this road before. We’ve dealt with terrorism and evil before. We will again.

You are in power because you crave it, yet, you are the least suitable to lead us. You are nothing more than a power-hungry sociopath. And if by any chance you deem this to be untrue, stand up and tell the world what the true state of South Africa is; tell them that you have lost control. Tell them that your loyalty was bought a long time ago; first by the very terrorist organization you helped form and then by the corporations that fed your greed. You don’t represent us. You don’t represent our country. You will never represent our tribe. You are a coward.

And even if you do this; even if you send out a broadcast to the entire world, your time is done; your time with God and with country is over. It’s time you see God’s hand in our lands and in our white lives.

Your cowardly response to a man greatly respected and dearly loved; a true son of this country but one you seem to fear more than death itself, β€œIf you come for our lives and our lands; you will die,” guarantees only one thing; you will never own up to the failure you are. Your misplaced love for South Africa will blind you until the end; you are incapable of placing God or country first. You know only hatred, greed, destruction and evil.

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