This is President Cyril Ramaphosa and this is what he does. This is how the puppet master rules; in absence and without saying a word to denounce the riots, murders, looting, attacks against the minorities, corruption, crime, money laundering, theft by his cabinet, and the calls to β€œkill the Boer.” He remains silent while his puppets burn anything and everything they can set a match to, even humans as they continue the tradition of necklacing introduced and left behind by Nelson and Winnie Mandela.

His silence is perceived as a secret nod of approval for his puppets to carry on; loot, murder, riot, destroy and leave nothing behind in their path of destruction. Like the coward he is, and has proven over and over again, he cowers away and hides out until the dust settles, but only until the very next time. While South Africa burns, while β€˜xenophobic’ attacks rummage through our cities, his deputy, Ace Magashule steps in and demands that black on black violence should stop; all blacks are Africans and should be treated as such. They aren’t foreigners; the real foreigners are those with a β€œwhite’ish” skin in South Africa. Still, while Cyril Ramaphosa is silent, Julius Malema urges black South Africans to turn their anger and frustration to β€œwhite monopoly.” The β€˜real’ foreigners. The β€˜real’ thieves. β€œI think these whites must for a second keep quiet because we are dealing with a mess created by them. Our anger is directed at the wrong people …” Andile Mngxitama says, β€œCurrent looting and riots a β€˜dress rehearsal’ for β€˜civil war against whites.’ Cyril Ramaphosa remains silent.

Instead, he leaves and solicits investments from outside the borders of South Africa, telling the world that all is well with our country and our people. He commands that murder statistics against farmers and the targeted minority South Africans to be manipulated, main stream media to be silent and he assures you all that there are NO attacks against the minorities of South Africa, but that crime is simply high. He tells you that land theft (expropriation without compensation) is actually legal and will be dealt with in an orderly fashion, yet, what he doesn’t tell you is that he will be amending our constitution to steal our homes from us.

You believe him despite the footage and reports that surface. You all believe IN him despite the crimes and corruption of his cabinet, even his own. You say things like South Africa is a β€˜resilient democracy’ and it is safe for all South Africans, despite your own travel warnings to your citizens.

You all point fingers at us, the so-called racists and white supremacists, yet, Anglo has left. Continental Tyres is out. Whirlpool has taken a financial hit just to be gone. There are more. In total, South Africa has lost 83,000 business.

When is your planned holiday to South Africa? Where is your investment business in South Africa? Instead, you send financial aid just to be done with it. Just so you don’t have to deal with it. Just so that the looting, thefts and crimes can continue. In other words, you have done your bit. 

South Africa has never needed any β€˜help’ before, not even when we were sanctioned. Our ZAR value was of the strongest, even stronger than the USA for a few years. We have never needed financial aid before – yet, you can’t seem to connect the dots, or admit to any of this.

You, the world outside – that’s the you I am referring to. You, the enablers of a murderous, corrupt warlord and his demonic soldiers. You, who continues to give and support the current ANC government. You, who know that the killings are happening, but takes an ANC terrorist’s word for it when he says it is nothing more than β€˜made up internet crimes.’

I hope that it is well with YOUR soul. I hope that you can stand to look at yourself in the mirror and I hope you can sleep knowing YOU are enabling instead of condemning or rescuing. 

May God have mercy because these evil beings won’t show any for YOU.

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