We’ve been here before. Concentration camps are nothing new to the Boers of South Africa. It began in 1899, the trigger to the war being the discovery of diamonds and gold in our Boer states. What began as what was to be a quick and easy defeat by the overconfident and unprepared British, turned into a three-year battle resulting in the British changing leadership and tactics to effectively take control of Boer land. The Boers refused to surrender and under the leadership of generals Louis Botha, Jan Smuts, Christiaan De Wet and Koos De La Rey, surprise attacks against the British, along with quick escapes were underway. The British, realizing that they were losing, set up camps with barbed wire fences, attacked civilian farms, and destroyed crops and livestock as part of their β€œscorched earth” policy. When the Boers showed no desire to surrender, women and children were forced into these concentration camps, leaving thousands of innocent people dying of hunger and disease. Our history and pictures immortalized in our museums tell of awful conditions, hunger, disease and the surrender of freedom. It was not a fair fight, but the only way the British could cripple the Boer nation.

Because we are white and in South Africa, we are all Boers now. For the past 26 years, we have been attacked by a terrorist government who have embarked on what can only be referred to as β€œmodern-day warfare.” In 1993, the ANC began waging a brand-new war on the Boers by restricting employment, excluding them from the job market by replacing qualified staff with unskilled employees thereby effectively bankrupting almost all governmental institutions such as our power supply establishment, our once profitable and proudly South African Airways, our municipalities and so much more. Slowly and almost unnoticed, the Boers have had to adapt to lower educational standard and the loss of employment. We have had to hand over the majority of our businesses, yet, we are taxed to breaking point. Positions in the public sector have been allocated to ANC comrades, thereby controlling the police and military forces, along with medical staff in public hospitals, resulting in sub-standard treatment. The names of our provinces have been changed, cities and streets were re-named, airport names, only to name but a few, have been adapted to honor terrorists of the past. Private security companies are in the process of being reconstructed so as to disarm officers, as most of South Africa’s privately-owned weapons have been confiscated. The Afrikaans language has been placed at risk by insisting the language be removed from schools, and is hanging by a thread, one court case at a time. Our Churches, schools, libraries, universities, colleges, monuments and museums are being vandalized on an on-going basis, so as to completely destroy any proof of our past and our pride. Pension funds have been looted. Banks have been looted. State coffers are empty. Greed and corruption have contributed to farm lands being seized without compensation, and while the process seems too lengthy for the beneficiaries, our farmers and families are being murdered. Brutalized. Tortured for hours. Raped. Sodomized. Burnt. Children especially are sadistically killed. Attacks are drawn out for maximum suffering. White families in suburban areas are enduring much of the same. The hatred is evident when the Boer’s killings are called for. Openly. Publicly. For the world to see. The hunger for Boer blood resonates from the top, beginning with the president, right down to the indoctrinated man on the street. Our history and culture has been eradicated, our history re-written.

Then COVID-19 showed up and it was almost like their alleged voodoo magic and spirits of their forefathers have handed them the perfect scenario. A gift from their ancestors. The gods they worship. A sign that they have been given assistance and permission to further cripple the Boer. Overnight, the last of the Boer freedom was taken from us. A modern-day hijacking had taken place right before our eyes. Armed criminal and corrupt police and defense force officers were deployed, allowing β€œmartial law” authority. Areas are patrolled with automatic assault rifles with rounds of live ammunition under the guise of β€œenforcing law and order.”

Much of the cabinet, including the president, adorns military uniforms when addressing the public, despite their complete lack of military training. Healthy people are quarantined, some placed in so-called β€œquarantine camps,” living under ghastly conditions. Financial aid and relief is based on B-BBEE laws. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. The operative word, BLACK. There is no aid and no relief for a white man, woman or child. White squatter camps are being raided, and privately-funded or donated food is being confiscated, reinforcing β€œmade-up” regulations that the government alone is permitted to distribute food, thereby, excluding white squatter camps. The inept, and corrupt Minister of Police has banned cigarettes, alcohol, hugging and kissing. Single joggers have been arrested on a beach, while crowds of black South Africans are ignored. Black taxies operate as normal, while fines and threats of arrest are issued to a couple, or a mother and child driving in a car. Clothing is strictly monitored. Certain garments only are allowed to be bought, according to a list issued to shoppers in need of clothing. The impending release of at least 19,000 prisoners, some of which are farm attackers, murderers, rapists and almost all convicted of capital crimes has again, placed the innocent at risk. Minor incidents of people working and trying their utmost to provide for their families, has resulted in their imprisonment, yet, violent criminals are about to be released back onto the streets of South Africa.

Farmers and private neighbourhood-watch officers are prohibited from patrolling the farming communities, thereby effectively handing Boer lives over to attackers.

All this is taking place under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is this how modern-day concentration camps are operated? Unnoticed. Stripping our freedom bit by bit. Slow enough not to quite notice the new β€œplan,” but quick enough to effectively surrender our freedom to the terrorist ANC government, without even knowing it. Soon, pictures of our imprisonment will become the new Boer pictures in the history of the future. It is not a fair fight now, and the only way the ANC can cripple the Boer nation, if we allow it.

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