Wish Upon That Shining Star

You are the quiet girl cowering in the corner of a crowded room, feeling so much more isolated than you’ve ever felt before, or even willing to admit. You are the girl gazing out dreamily, even a little anxiously through your bedroom window when the entire world is asleep, and nobody sees. You are the girl that enthusiastically gazes up at the stars, trying to find just one to wish upon. You need the promise of a shining star on which you can depend, to bring him to you. You are the girl with the earphones in your ears, dancing up a storm inside of you, without anyone ever seeing. You are the girl that makes all her birthday wishes count, and blows away that lost eyelash, trusting it to secure her heart’s greatest desire.

But darling girl, you still have some sprouting ahead of you. Your time is not yet up, not anytime soon. He is still searching for you too, and is still on his way. When things go wrong along the way, and you’re all by yourself, don’t become disenchanted, he just hasn’t found you yet. The road might feel longer than it should be, and as though it might never end. You might be blinded by the lights of those that pass you by, but you will get there, and he will get here.

So pretty girl, don’t ever give up and don’t ever look back, those lights are behind you for a reason. He is there, out there somewhere, listening to the same music as you are, and wishing upon the same star as you are. You probably won’t see him coming, but when he finds you, he will want to understand you. He will hear your every thought and be the wings on which you’ll soar above the clouds and fly higher than any eagle. He will tell you that you’re the one and he’ll let you know, each day, how wanted you are.

He will love you and swear to you that it will last forever, so listen to your heart and let yours hear his. He is going to hold you, touch you and breathe you in all at the same time. He will whisper words of desire and hold his arms out wide enough just for you to find shelter in, because only you will fit in there. He will share and dream your dreams, and he will carry the burdens you bear. Hang on little lady, he will get there. He will show up, but almost never on your schedule or ever really on your terms, so don’t try to be bigger than this.

Don’t allow your mind to lead your heart. This is one fight that is worth engaging in a bitter warfare with. Surrender and hand over your heart. Hold on gorgeous, and hang in there, because it’s a kind of love that will find you, always.

With love,

Alice VL

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