Until recently, silencing Steve Hofmeyr has been relatively subtle; tactful, delicate, diplomatic, discreet, cautious and understated.

Until recently.

These past couple of weeks has seen an overwhelming attack on his freedom of speech, his music, his right to stand up against corruption, his livelihood and has resulted in a series of injunctions, snubs and sanctions against him as a singer, entertainer and activist for the Afrikaner tribe.

Companies such as AIG (Afrikaans Is Groot), MTN, Toyota, Media 24, DSTV, only to name but a few, have withdrawn their β€œassociation” from him resulting in a nomination for a Ghoema award being summarily withdrawn; a song, Die Land, performed with four other singers. This supposedly as a result of a statement he made in 2014; (Excerpt) He was branded as a racist when in October 2014, Steve Hofmeyr wrote and published a tweet stating that he believed that black South Africans were the β€˜architects of apartheid.’

Yet, here we are, exposed to hate speech, threats and promises to cease our lands by the South African government including Cyril Ramaphosa, Julius Malema, and the cronies of BFLF. Cases of hate speech, incitement to kill, violation of human rights etc. are all disregarded by the South African or rather, the ANC law because it is acceptable behavior. It is honored by our law that the minority South Africans, yes, the white South Africans are guilty of being white and that we, the Afrikaner tribe have no rights. Struggle songs calling for the slaughter of our tribe is up to the standard of the ANC government, Toyota, DSTV, MTN, AIG, Media 24 and so on, because we are white, we are hated and we do not matter. It has once again become clear that there is a direct attack on the Afrikaner nation, our music, our right to function and our right to life.

Therefore, I am sharing this extract from My Turn – South Africa.

You decide.

Steve Hofmeyr is one of South Africa’s best-known singers and songwriters and is also known for his acting career, writing, and poetry. He completed two years of compulsory military service before joining the Pretoria Technikon drama school. He starred in the 1990 Franz Marx film Agter Elke Man (Behind Every Man) and in 1992 joined the cast of M-Net’s flagship soap opera Egoli: Place of Gold.

He is also known for his role in Treurgrond (2015) which depicts a typical farm murder in South Africa, and A Case of Murder (2004). In 1997 his music career took off when he recorded a duet for his album True To You with Belgian superstar Dana Winner, called You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.

Steve won SAMA (South African Music Awards) for Best Selling South African Artist in 2003 and 2004. In 2006 he hosted his own show on Afrikaans channel kykNET, called Dis Hoe Dit Is Met Steve (That’s How It Is With Steve).

But first and foremost, Steve Hofmeyr is an activist for white South African farmers and has openly voiced his concerns and displeasure at the government’s inability to protect its farmers, and subsequently, protect the white citizens of South Africa against genocide.

He has made numerous claims relating to the murders of minority South Africans. He has openly claimed that white South Africans, and in particular, Afrikaners, are being β€˜killed like flies,’ and has regularly posted on social media that β€˜my tribe is dying.’

He posted a picture to social media of a World Cup soccer stadium, which he claimed could be filled by the number of white South Africans murdered by black South Africans.

But, his attempts at creating awareness for a vulnerable community has come at a steep price for him personally. He was branded as a racist when in October 2014, Steve Hofmeyr wrote and published a tweet stating that he believed that black South Africans were the β€˜architects of apartheid.’

This prompted a significant public backlash. One of Hofmeyr’s critics was puppeteer Conrad Koch, and through his puppet Chester Missing, he launched a campaign calling on companies to boycott their sponsoring of Steve Hofmeyr.

Steve Hofmeyr has accurately given statements indicative of apartheid denialism, leading various journalists and political analysts to label him a β€˜disgrace to South Africa.’

He was quoted as saying that he could trace his African roots further back than Economic Freedom Fighter leaderβ€š Julius Malema could. This led to several festivals and events boycotting the star.

Steve Hofmeyr has been branded a racist simply because he is unapologetic when it comes to defending the Afrikaner South African and campaigning for the rights of white South Africans.

He is branded a racist for publicly and accurately pointing out that white farmers are murdered by black South Africans.

He is branded a racist for his role in exposing genocide in South Africa and speaking up on behalf of minority South Africans. He has admitted to getting up to seven death threats an hour.

Steve Hofmeyr has shaped a level of anger amongst black South Africans with his penetratingly angry outburst over Willemientjie Potgieter’s execution and the murders of her parents.

A chilling message was written in Sotho on cardboard at the Potgieter home, β€˜We have killed them. We are coming back.’ This message was found on the gate of the farm where three people were brutally killed in 2010. The victims of the murders were Attie Potgieter, 40, his wife Wilna, 36, and their 3-year-old daughter Willemien. It was surmised at the time that little Willemien was shot so that she wasn’t able to identify her parents’ killers.

Three farm workers were arrested and later, in townships in the area, three more suspects were arrested for the murders, one which was only 17 years old.

The Potgieter family were murdered in their home on their 11th wedding anniversary. Arno Potgieter from the neighboring farm, Van Tondersrust, spoke about the murders of his brother, sister-in-law, and Willemien, β€˜It is still half unreal. It was a terrible, terribly big shock.’

After her mother was killed, 3-year-old Willemien was presumably taken to an outside room and shot in the back of the head. The body of Willemientjie as she was fondly known, was then carried to her mother’s body in the main bedroom where her mother had been shot in the back of the head. Willemien’s body was found with a pink ribbon still tied to her hair. In the house, a plate of food was in the microwave.

Attie’s body was found outside his home, next to a fence at the back door. He was presumably surprised and hit on the back of the head with a sharp object, possibly a panga, and in addition, he was stabbed with a garden fork. When reporters arrived at the scene, his body was covered by a pink blanket, where he died.

Giving testimony, pathologist Dr. Robert G Book said that Attie had 151 stab and laceration wounds. Wilna’s injuries revealed several deep lacerations to her head and a gunshot wound to her neck. β€˜Indications were that the woman and child were shot at close range,’ he said. When asked by state prosecutor Jannie Botha on his first impressions of Attie’s body, he said that the deceased β€˜had been tortured to death.’

He said the injuries could have been caused by tools such as a garden fork, panga, spade or sharp knife; other injuries could have been caused by a brick or stones. The State alleges that the six attackers assaulted Attie outside his house with knives, a garden fork, and a panga, killing him. They then attacked Wilma and Willemientjie inside the house before shooting them.

Steve Hofmeyr directly blamed the β€˜propaganda of entitlement’ amongst black people for the brutal massacre. He was quoted as saying, β€˜I don’t know how the world thinks we (the Afrikaners) can transform, integrate and let go of our prejudices and stay nice, tolerant Christians when blacks can shoot a 3-year-old child in the head.’

Threats against Steve Hofmeyr became public after voicing his disapproval of the brutality of the Potgieter murders. One threat against Steve Hofmeyr was from Noxolo Nox Sebe, β€˜I’ll be very happy if someone kills Steve Hofmeyr. His racist anti-black attitude and behavior are irritating. Now he is accusing us (blacks) of being killers of white farmers. Fuck him, because white people were the ones who stole our land and wealth and murdered millions of our people in the name of civilization…’ Zama Kwela wrote, β€˜I agree that white swine must be killed!’ Lola Bam wrote, β€˜Steve Hofmeyr has declared war against us. I agree with Skhura; either he goes to Australia, or he perishes!’

When asked by Yolisa Mkele if he was a racist, Steve responded with, β€˜I’m being called a racist every time I distinguish between races, but I see it as being racial. We made it taboo to even distinguish between white and black.’

In 2017, a concert in New Zealand that would feature Steve Hofmeyr as one of its headline acts was cancelled following pressure from South African expats angered at his inclusion.

Johan De Villiers, who is based in Amsterdam, said that β€˜on receipt of the information detailing Hofmeyr’s controversial comments and positions on various issues, there was a cancellation.’

Earlier in 2017, a concert by Steve Hofmeyr which was initially scheduled for February 11th at the Nederburg Wine Estate was canceled after an appeal to the estate by Johan De Villiers to β€˜scrap the event.’

It was later revealed that these cancellations and subsequent boycotts were due to nothing more than the fact that Stever Hofmeyr continued to sing β€˜Die Stem’(South African National Anthem prior to 1994) which was supposedly β€˜insulting to black South Africans.’

One of the largest South African Festivals Steve Hofmeyr has been banned from is Afrikaans Is Groot. This occurred when Pick n Pay and Jaguar Land Rover South Africa decided not to renew their sponsorship of the Afrikaans Is Groot concerts.

Klein Karoo and Innibos Arts Festivals have said that Steve Hofmeyr abused their platforms for his own opportunistic political propaganda and that they don’t want him back.

This was all for the singing of Die Stem. β€˜Die Stem van Suid Afrika’ is a poem which was written in 1918 by CJ Langenhoven, a great Afrikaans writer, and cultural leader. Music was later added to the poem that speaks of the beauty of South Africa and the devotion to making South Africa a better country.

Die Stem became the national anthem of the Union of South Africa in 1957. The song is included in the FAK songbook and is seen as a cultural treasure of the Afrikaans language.

This all for campaigning and advocating against the ANC government regarding the murder of white farmers; this all due to his fervent attempts at creating awareness of white genocide in South Africa. By holding onto and fighting for the survival of his and the Afrikaner heritage, Steve Hofmeyr has been accused of β€˜taking various steps to spread racial hatred and commit defamation against black South Africans.’

In 2016, CafΓ© Dudok, a restaurant in the Netherlands, refused Steve Hofmeyr, though he had been scheduled to give a talk about the β€˜future of Afrikaners.’ Cafe Dudok barred him from the premises after being made aware of Hofmeyr’s so-called β€˜white supremacist views.’

In 2016, The Cape Town Press Club invited Steve Hofmeyr to deliver a speech, but due to threats by leftist’ groups, his invitation was retracted. Below is an extract of his speech which points to South African genocide.

10. I believe we are trying to bury the dangers of black violence by saying things like β€˜Black Lives Matter,’ β€˜Blacks Can’t Be Racist’ and then failing to publish crimes along racial lines as they do worldwide. The countries of our (white) European descent sport a 2/100,000 murder rate. South Africa, besides being the rape capital of the world, also sports a 33/100,000 murder rate; so don’t mind me if I tend toward paranoia when farm murders occur at 5 times the national average (more than 150/100,000) which is already 5 times the world average and 15 times the European average.

You can make me go away if you prove these trends wrong or present me with the fact that whites are responsible for these statistics and that therefore black appeasement and white punishment is generally justified.

11. I am not sorry at all if I believe that these staggering rates are genocidal. I am not sorry at all that I said that my people simply are not used to these levels of rape, by others, on us. Everybody is free to determine their own tolerance and threshold to these brutalities.

The common answer I get is that whites are murdered less than others (as if that satisfies our new threshold) or that we are all victims. Yes, this we know, but are we all perpetrators? We will never know. The point here is, if I’m wrong, and we overreact, we will solve it, and if you as a liberal are right and we under-react, you will get the statistic you deserve. Which is the hardly-bearable status quo.’

Given Steve Hofmeyr’s active campaigning against what the government calls β€˜Alleged Boer Genocide,’ he has been labeled a racist and accused of creating panic amongst white South Africans and subsequently, barred from various national and international events.

Steve Hofmeyr says,

β€˜In 2014, I was banned from singing a song that is not banned. After banning me from singing Die Stem, appearances and festivals in association with the ANC and DA (not all) excluded and banned me. So have radio stations owned by the ANC. Speedily, this resulted in me losing thousands in income.

It was Nelson Mandela himself that decided not to ban Die Stem. He would probably have known how childish it would be. Of course, songs can and should be banned.

Songs such as Kill The Boer that entice citizens to murder the opposition. Who doesn’t understand what? Die Stem is a song that asks for peace within a nation and homeland. It asks for prayer in thanks.’

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