These are the people that should have been kept out. These are the people that have stolen our taxes, our mines, our municipalities, our schools, our law enforcement, our military, our hospitals and all that was once supreme in this country. These are the people calling for our slaughter. These are the people killing the old, raping our babies, torturing our women and children while cutting away the eyelids of our men so that they can watch unbearable cruelty before ultimately, killing them. These are the people that have infested our beautiful South Africa while destroying our heritage, culture and all that once made South Africa great!

Yes. You too could wake up a minority in your country someday and you won’t even see it coming. Build those walls. Enforce border security and wear your coat of white proudly – it isn’t shameful. Not everyone you give a home to, has good intentions. May South Africa serve as a reminder to all those opposing a president frantic to protect his country and his people.

If you cannot learn from these very expensive mistakes, someday – your history won’t matter and will be stripped from your schools and libraries; where generations from now will never know the true events of your country. The wars you once fought for the freedom of your people will mean nothing – as though it never happened. You will be nothing. Your life won’t matter and that of your family’s, won’t count.

You will face daily protests, rapes, murders, torturing and beatings. You will no longer be able to provide for your family and you will find yourselves in patched-together squatter camps. Your education system will fail. Your health care will fail. Your freedom will be lost. Food will become unaffordable. You will be confined to the four walls of your home. You will be hijacked on your highways and roads. Your teachers will be assaulted by the youngest of students. The old and fragile will be mercilessly assaulted and your babies will be raped just because they are white.

And while all this is happening … the world won’t do much of anything.


Alice VL, born on the 1st May 1970 as Alice Johnstone, is a South African writer who was raised in Saldanha Bay, a quaint village off the West Coast of Southern Africa.

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