At Calvary’s Cross, Jesus gave His life so that you and I need not fear death. Saving us from His Father’s wrath, He loved us even though we betrayed Him. He forgave us, even though we didn’t seek it. He showed us mercy while He suffered.

May we never lose sight of the Cross of Calvary.

Alice VL, born on the 1st May 1970 as Alice Johnstone, is a South African writer who was raised in Saldanha Bay, a quaint village off the West Coast of Southern Africa.

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Take A Break

Misty-Bleu’s Journal

  • The Photograph
  • She Searches For His Soul In Someone Else’s Body
  • The Prayer In The Red Balloon
  • For Her Broken Heart
  • The Dream-Maker
  • One Promise Too Late
  • The House Where Love Once Lived
  • She Is A Lot Like You
  • Can You Paint Me A Love Story
  • What If?
  • Did The Universe Ask You To Love More Than One?
  • Is Two Out Of Three Enough?
  • To Go Back To Before
  • When He Slips Back In
  • She So Wishes It Didn’t
  • She Turned The Lights Off, One By One
  • What He Should Have Told Her