Alice VL, born on the 1st May 1970 as Alice Johnstone, is a South African writer who was raised in Saldanha Bay, a quaint village off the West Coast of Southern Africa. She is the eldest daughter of a self-employed business man and her housewife mother. She has two sisters and one brother. She is married and is mom to two adult children and a grandmother to her Australian grandson.

Alice spent the majority of her childhood in her grandmother’s home who taught her to play the piano and the Melodica. During times spent with her beloved grandma Lulu, she developed a passionate love for reading and began her writing career writing casual poetry.

After graduating high school, she enrolled for a secretarial diploma at the Technical College of Pretoria. Shortly after this, she enrolled for a degree in Child Psychology at the University Of Southern Africa. In later years, she completed her first year in BCom Accounting. Alice spent many years working as a recruitment consultant while secretly writing her stories. It was only when she began writing regularly for a local magazine, that she began to invest more of her time in her writing.

Today, Alice lives with her husband in the USA, and views herself as just another scatterling of South Africa.


“I am still thinking about this book. Excellent how the writer was able to split dimensions while Misty-Bleu slipped out and back into the universes. It was a twist that caught me by surprise. It was a good, solid read. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories within the story. It was a book I had to tear myself away from and didn’t want it to end. Much tears. Definite read.:

Alison Meier