My Turn – South Africa :

Did you know that more South Africans are killed daily than are killed in the Russia vs Ukraine conflict?

Did you know that the government sanctioned tortures and murders of not only the farmers, but all Boer/Afrikaner tribes, the minority South Africans through a communist political party namely the EFF led by and Idi Amin-type called Julius Malema?

Did you know that we aren’t only murdered, but tortured for hours before death?

Did you know that no-one cares?

Did you know that the British implemented apartheid in South Africa so as to separate the different African tribes killing each other, but that the Boers abolished apartheid?

Do YOU care?

Misty-Bleu’s Journal

  • Hear my Prayer for South Africa
    You called them by their names, even though they meant nothing under the blood sodden flag of their homeland. Age made no difference when their blood trickled into the soil of the country we promised to lift up to You. The country we were born in, the nation we belong in and fought for is … Continue reading Hear my Prayer for South Africa
  • The Cemetery No-One Talks About
    If you meet a South African Farmer, a Boer, or an Afrikaner, you wouldn’t know that a White Cross Monument was erected bearing thousands of white crosses, each holding the name of a cold-blooded, ruthless, and targeted murder. You wouldn’t know the stories they keep, or the brutality each cross raised represents. Most of all, … Continue reading The Cemetery No-One Talks About
  • It Was Later Than I Thought
    Time trailing off was somewhere on the other side of an undetermined horizon, unseen and yet to be reached. There were still many steps to take and thousands of miles to go. I thought you’d reach your last stop many moons from now, thinking there was such a vast distance still to travel, and a … Continue reading It Was Later Than I Thought
  • Did The Universe Ask You To Love More Than One?
    You promise him that it is him you want and that it’s him you want to be with. You pledge your love and devotion to him, because you do love him, and you are devoted to only him. You love him wildly. You love him faithfully. You love him so incredibly passionately. Your heart can compare him to no other, and you dream of your tomorrows with him. You have every intention of being faithfully … Continue reading Did The Universe Ask You To Love More Than One?
  • Can You Paint Me A Love Story?
    On the corner of a busy and bustling city street, she saw him behind his easel as people hurriedly passed him by, almost as though he was fiercely guarded from the world around him. He smiled slightly as he clutched a paint brush in his hand and whistled a love song that could not be drowned out by … Continue reading Can You Paint Me A Love Story?
  • To Go Back To Before
    Among thousands on that city street, she looked past the crowd and saw him standing there. She could barely move when she noticed the abrupt recognition in his face. Her world stood entirely still for just a moment as she anxiously fought to take in a breath of fresh air. With nowhere to hide, her togetherness fell apart and … Continue reading To Go Back To Before
  • She So Wishes It Didn’t
    The world still turns. The seasons still come, and the seasons still go. Autumn changes the color of the leaves, and with winter comes the cold and the snow. In spring, the world cheers at the sight of blossoming flowers and new beginnings. And then in summer, laughter fills and lingers in the air. The … Continue reading She So Wishes It Didn’t
  • One Promise Too Late
    She came home today. She couldn’t quite figure out how many sunrises she had missed, or how many sunsets there were since she had been gone. She came home today, just as she promised she would come back to when she was still a bright-eyed teenager with a million dreams, and a gazillion smiles in her heart. … Continue reading One Promise Too Late
  • She Turned The Lights Off, One By One
    She wrote him a note on a day much like any other day before that. She nervously slipped it in underneath the door of the boy who had lived next door to her for almost all her life. With her trembling hands, she wrote him that she’d grow up soon, and she asked him to … Continue reading She Turned The Lights Off, One By One
  • She Searches For His Soul In Someone Else’s Body
    She walks the streets at night as though she’s the crusader of her heart, her body and her soul. But all she rules is a dark and murky empire where stale tobacco smoke fills the air. In her kingdom are stains on the bar counter, surround by stools reserved for the lonely. When she takes … Continue reading She Searches For His Soul In Someone Else’s Body
  • The World In My Notebook
    Life has always been a stranger to me. My heart doesn’t have a connection to it anymore, and most likely never did. My soul has always placed a great distance between me and life. Life, and the world we’re living in, has always seemed a little upside down. I see others embracing wrong as right. … Continue reading The World In My Notebook
  • The Prayer In The Red Balloon
    She held onto the string that carefully tied and secured the red balloon she had slipped a note into only moments before she had filled it with kisses of air and hugs of love. A gentle breeze had begun to blow when she looked up into the overcast, cloudy sky. She waited for the sun … Continue reading The Prayer In The Red Balloon
  • When He Slips Back In
    Every once in a while, she is wonderfully sure that a portal opens between the life she finds herself trapped in, and his, the next. She hears a song on the radio play more frequently than other days, and she smells his cologne in the strangest of places, at the oddest of times, surrounded by … Continue reading When He Slips Back In
  • What If?
    What if you once giddily stood at the altar, before your family and all your friends, and vowed that you’d love only your chosen him? That there would never be anyone else again, and that you’d love only him until the day you died? What if you wore your gown of white as proof of your undying love for him, and you swore to the legitimacy … Continue reading What If?
  • The House Where Love Once Lived
    She began to tremble slightly as she stood in the shade of an almost fifty-year-old oak tree and eyed the old white house on the hill. She felt a gentle breeze submerge her, before a mild shudder ran down her spine, almost as though it was welcoming her back, but at the same time, scolding her … Continue reading The House Where Love Once Lived
  • The Photograph
    She keeps a photograph of him hidden in a memory box lovingly carved in wood she buries deep in the back of her closet. What was once just another ordinary photograph, has turned into a token of validation for her, as the years passed her by. The heart-shaped locket carrying the treasured photograph is a reminder of … Continue reading The Photograph



Alice VL, born on the 1st May 1970 as Alice Johnstone, is a South African writer who was raised in Saldanha Bay, a quaint village off the West Coast of Southern Africa. She is the eldest daughter of a self-employed business man and her housewife mother. She has two sisters and one brother. She is married and is mom to two adult children and a grandmother to her Australian grandson.

Alice spent the majority of her childhood in her grandmother’s home who taught her to play the piano and the Melodica. During times spent with her beloved grandma Lulu, she developed a passionate love for reading and began her writing career writing casual poetry.

After graduating high school, she enrolled for a secretarial diploma at the Technical College of Pretoria. Shortly after this, she enrolled for a degree in Child Psychology at the University Of Southern Africa. In later years, she completed her first year in BCom Accounting. Alice spent many years working as a recruitment consultant while secretly writing her stories. It was only when she began writing regularly for a local magazine, that she began to invest more of her time in her writing.

Today, Alice lives with her husband in the USA, and views herself as just another scatterling of South Africa.


The Nowhere People

Some stay in the only home they’ve ever known on the soils that crops were planted in long before they were born. Like their patriarchs before them, they raise livestock and plant their country’s food. From sunrise to sunset, they go from one task to the next to keep up with the lands they were raised on …

Because #boerlivesmatter

He walks slowly through the doors of the house they had lovingly made a home in, dreamed in, brought babies home to, held family gatherings in, spent many Christmas seasons in, and made memories in. He looks around and knows that with every sunrise, and each sunset, someone like him, a father and husband, is facing …

The Haunting of South Africa

We dream of taking just one more walk through our lands, cross over our deserts and stroll carelessly along our shorelines. We hunger to climb our hills, saunter below our mountains and barefoot, we are desperate to feel the beaches underneath our feet. We want to rush in underneath a waterfall, paddle through a river, and wade …

You, Mr. President, Are a Coward

Each time you open your mouth, I get angrier. Our people get angrier. South Africa gets angrier. At first, I would swallow my retort and just listen to the deceptions and defamations that spills from your mouth, shake my head and slide …

It’s Time to Take Hands

The unity and love of our people; our nation cannot be lessened by emotions of hatred, fear or power. It’s time to take hands against all that fuels racism against us; all that seeks to destroy us. It’s time to take hands against …

Not So Subtle Intimidation Anymore

Until recently, silencing Steve Hofmeyr has been relatively subtle; tactful, delicate, diplomatic, discreet, cautious and understated. Until recently. These past couple of weeks has seen an overwhelming …

You, The Darkness

It wasn’t in a single, defining moment; it wasn’t on a ghostly morning or an eerie evening; there isn’t a date or a time to isolate the precise instant I found myself standing in the midst of infinite darkness with only as much as …

Us; For You, South Africa

South Africa, we stand up and salute you with honor and pride. So many have been stolen from us by your enemy, and those that remain, continue to get up each morning just to lay down our heads each night, under your skies and under …

We Will Never Be Ready For This

I am always stunned by the reality that nobody really knows much about South Africa. Actually, I am flabbergasted and slightly disgusted. I so desperately want to blurt out that we have yet to overcome apartheid – we haven’t, but for the players that have changed …

A Message From South Africa

I remember watching a broadcast from Steve Hofmeyr a year or so ago wherein he addresses the world and speaks of South Africa as being the rape capital of the world. I remember him saying something to the effect of, “What would you do when you wake up as the minority in your own country?” …

The Long Walk of a Terrorist

It’s never the plan and not easy to tarnish the reputation of an international hero, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The world embraces and recognizes the ‘father of a nation,’ as opposed to the reality, the ‘spear of a nation.’  The world knows Nelson Mandela for his struggle and long walk to freedom, but what the world doesn’t know is …

Government Sanctioned?

This is President Cyril Ramaphosa and this is what he does. This is how the puppet master rules; in absence and without saying a word to denounce the riots, murders, looting, attacks against the minorities, corruption, crime, money laundering, theft by his cabinet, and the calls to “kill the Boer.” 

The Flaw in Circular 213-6

“The greatest fear of the white settler is to lose his job, his farm or his house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.”

Under the Guise of Covid-19, is South Africa the World’s First Modern-Day Concentration Camp?

We’ve been here before. Concentration camps are nothing new to the Boers of South Africa. It began in 1899, the trigger to the war being the discovery of diamonds and gold in our Boer states. What began as what was to be a quick and easy defeat by the …


It’s 3 am. I am standing in Walmart, looking around me and watching shoppers push their carts through the aisles as though it is mid-morning, late afternoon, anything but 3 am. A woman in front of me is on the phone, explaining to the caller that she’d be home before the baby wakes up …