The unity and love of our people; our nation cannot be lessened by emotions of hatred, fear or power. It’s time to take hands against all that fuels racism against us; all that seeks to destroy us. It’s time to take hands against a power that calls for our suffering and our death. A bitter divide has grown amongst us as our tribe continues to fuel the already harsh fires set by the others. Yet, with so much against us; so many that hate us and curse us for breathing in the wrong color, we have become our own divide leaving us increasingly vulnerable to the enemy.

It’s time to take hands and call on each other for the protection of our children and our elderly, our women and our men but more importantly, for the survival of our God and our country. Then, let them gather around us where we stand in unity and watch as we stop their bitter invasion of our culture, our heritage and our home. It’s time to take hands and form a tight circle around our nation; the numbers won’t matter for our strength lies in our union.

It’s time to take hands against those who are here to dehumanize us and cast us in a light where we deserve the cruelty and barbaric acts against us. Between them and from the highest, they have consent to invade our minds, subduing and destroying us while keeping us as prisoners of their own fears. It’s time to take hands and love our tribe without borders; unconditionally and take back the people we were before they started carving away at our souls.

It’s time to take hands and free our minds of the belief that we stand alone and that we are guilty of crimes simply identified by the color of our skin. It’s time to preserve our history and our truths irrespective of what the others are indoctrinated to believe to be true by the false and inept leaders who tailor-make our history to suit their narratives. For, when we take hands, we once more become a nation led by God, admired by our allies and feared by the others.

It’s time to take hands for these are the days of a slow progressing combat; one waged on all of our nation as they seek to overrun our souls by impressing their truths and invoking fear. Together, and holding onto one another, we will again remain focused on who we are, who we were and where we have come from. As a nation united, their power will dwindle, evil will be exposed and the death and carnage won’t be for nothing.

It’s time to take hands. We are here, on the ground while the world watches through filters as the others come for us. The world can’t see how the enemy sets out to execute you, me and all of our tribe. Whatever crimes were committed in the past; they were never our crimes, yet, their desire for our blood knows no bounds. From our babies to our aged, the call for their execution is loud, clear but filtered to the world. They hunt us and are thrilled by their kills, almost as though they are collecting trophies. The screens don’t show this; they don’t show the sick joy of evil the others present when they come for violence and destruction.

It’s time to take hands and to remind ourselves that the others feel nothing; they feel no guilt and no remorse and have taken none of the peace that was once offered by our tribe. Still, taking one another’s hands will become the walls, barriers and our safety during our storms. Our unity will be our strength, and it will come from our love of our God and our country. It’s time to place your hand in mine, feel our hearts beat stronger while our forgotten pride for our nation grows fiercer. We are accountable for each other; it has always been our gift to our tribe. It’s time to take hands as we command our nation, and our legion. United, we can refuse to be powerless and place our faith in our fight; our battle for our children, our mothers and our fathers, those before us and those still to come. It is time to demonstrate how much stronger our faith is, than the evil who works so tirelessly to end us.

It’s time to take hands and move onward with integrity and honor, eradicating ourselves of the emotional debt the entitled are so desperate to crucify us with. With our heads down, we free ourselves from the traps placed on our minds and in our hearts. It’s time to take each other’s hands and step out of the crippling grief of losing our beloved South Africa; a kind of grief we are stuck in and one that has beleaguered us, leaving us in denial. For, we don’t understand evil and instead, we become angrier. 

Our stories are all different, yet they are all the same. Our grief surges with each attack and each death while reaching peaks we aren’t sure we could emotionally survive. Pretending to quietly cope is sinking us all, one at a time. It’s time to take hands and turn the helpless back into the hopeful.

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