It’s never the plan and not easy to tarnish the reputation of an international hero, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The world embraces and recognizes the β€˜father of a nation,’ as opposed to the reality, the β€˜spear of a nation.’  The world knows Nelson Mandela for his struggle and long walk to freedom, but what the world doesn’t know is that it was and is, and will always be a lie. It is the world’s greatest con and the long walk of a terrorist.

There is no β€˜Rainbow Nation,’ and there never was. The hero who purportedly led South Africa to freedom, yet, the same man who in 1992, two years after his release and surrounded by members of the ANC and the ANC’s terrorist arm – the Unkhonto We Sizwe, sang their song reaffirming their promise to, β€˜kill them – kill the whites’ as he clenched his fist in an aggressive, black power salute.

The same hero whose evils were justified by the world due to the reputed struggles of apartheid, irrespective of his close alliances with communist and terrorist regimes such as Castro, cheering the words, β€˜Long live comrade Fidel Castro,’ referring to Gaddafi as β€˜my brother leader’ and pointing to Arafat as β€˜a comrade in arms.’

A simple search on any search engine on genocide in South Africa proves that our calls for help are extinguished and ferociously disputed. After the scandal involving Bell Pottinger, we can only assume the same publicity campaigns are again secretly in place to veil the truth from the world, defending the ANC government established by Nelson Mandela and founder of the PAC – South Africa’s notorious terrorist organization. The hero who gave rise to the ANC Youth League, the indoctrinated black population of South Africa, and more hazardously, Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

When someone from outside the borders of South Africa says, β€˜We didn’t know?’ or β€˜Nelson Mandela, a true hero,’ I, and so many South Africans are once again painfully aware of the certainty that there are screens in place, filtering out the true state of the atrociousness taking place against farmers and the minority population in South Africa, again, put into motion by Nelson Mandela, once aided by Cyril Ramaphosa.

The world might be able to ignore the gruesomeness and tortures applied to victims by not reporting the true facts in mainstream media. The numbers don’t add up, and the fact that these victims are white and a minority, is not disclosed or questioned. Mostly, these numbers are manipulated by classifying these horrendous attacks and murders as β€˜crimes of opportunity.’

Not only are we faced with presidents who came after Nelson Mandela, determined to continue his β€˜legacy,’ but we are exposed to social media bodies determined to shut down awareness of the quandary of the minority South Africans, re-classifying our pleas as white-driven-propaganda, white supremacy or white racists.

But perhaps, when enough survivors’ voices are heard, and an irregular number of petitions and appeals have reached to outside the borders of South Africa, perhaps when the minority groups are barely surviving, the true intentions of Nelson Mandela will surface for the world to see. Perhaps, the children who are brought into the world and know nothing else, can grow up without the fear of witnessing their parents’ cold-blooded murders, or live through their own frightening, torturous deaths.

Until then, we are tormented when we tell our children they shouldn’t bring children into this world, in this country. We can’t risk anymore deaths. We can’t watch or hear of anymore little girls or little boys being raped or tortured to death. We don’t want to identify any more bodies, and we no longer want to carry tiny coffins down the street.

We are asking our children to accept their fate. We are telling them that we can’t fight back, because the world is in awe of Nelson Mandela and the terrorist government he helped bring into power their lifetimes ago. We are telling them that we’ve lost. Not so? When our courts find that songs such as β€˜Kill the Boer,’ β€˜One Settler – One Bullet’ and β€˜Kiss the Boer’ are nothing more than struggle songs and means no harm, we understand again how much trouble we are in.

When government allies call for the β€˜killing of whites’ publicly, we expect an increase in farm murders and home invasions, and as though on schedule, it happens. When blatant social media postings are made viral threatening the eradication of the entire minority population, we silently watch and wait as these groups inspire and encourage the attacks and killings.

When members of our tribe are inhumanely attacked, and murdered in their homes and on the lands they were born into, when families are invaded by ruthless attackers in every corner of each province of South Africa, the ANC government and contaminated police force describes these targeted exterminations as β€˜ordinary crimes.’ Farm attacks and murders are then re-classified as β€˜minor crimes,’ and submitted as such in their annual statistics. Minor crimes.

Under the ANC regime, an environment in which crime continues to flourish and is seen as β€˜reparations’ was created and led to the indoctrination of all South Africans. Attacks on the minority citizens are condoned, sometimes publicly, and has resulted in distrust between two races.

The previously disadvantaged believe that they have been given approval to punish all white citizens, whether or not they were alive during the apartheid era. They have been taught that white South Africans are thieves, murderers and slave masters. As a result, attacks increase daily while the minority citizens grow increasingly bitter and angry.

What was once labeled as Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom, despite his past and conviction as a terrorist responsible for the lives of many innocents, turned into the first steps of his long walk of terrorism.

Cyril Ramaphosa famously commented that because β€˜we are white, we are part of the old apartheid system.’ What does this tell us? We are guilty. All of us. He is prejudiced against us all. All white South Africans. This statement alone should be enough proof that there is no place in South Africa for any white person because β€˜we are part of the old apartheid system,’ even if we’re not and never were. He has accused us, judged us, found us guilty and condemned us. Simply because we are white, we are the enemy. One small statement, one massive meaning with devastating consequences.

He is silent on the murders, land grabs, protests, invasions, attacks and unemployment amongst the minority. From the very beginning, the corrupt parliament, ANC government officials including the violent EFF and BFLF, the cabinet, the presidents and their keepers are protected under their law, one they make up as they go along even if it means altering the constitution to re-write history and suit their narratives, continuing Nelson Mandela’s greatest lie, the rainbow nation, minus white.

What is it when it can’t be labeled as genocide, the eradication of a culture and cleansing the country of all white South Africans? What are we to label these attacks and murders when attackers are in possession of military grade equipment and weapons, some of which have some form of military training behind them? How do we place a label other than genocide on these attacks when the gruesomeness of the killings enforces the belief that these attacks are β€˜ordered hits?’ How do we ignore this when seats in parliament are occupied by none other than those who have gained notoriety for the calling of these killings? Calling for the cold-blooded and brutal murders of the white Afrikaners and Boers while they go unpunished or reprimanded?

When these attackers arrive at the homes or farmlands with military grade cell phone signal jammers and military grade weapons with only one goal in mind, to kill, how can we not ask where these come from, and who sent them? By subjecting these minorities to inhumane physical and emotional trauma when committing heinous torturous acts against their loved ones, is it fair to ask if these attacks are planned by government entities to force us off our lands and from our country?

What do we call it when our Afrikaner and Boer tribes are psychologically tortured, besieged, criticized and provoked through hate-speech, threatened and intimidated by the promise of seizing our homes, possessions and our lands? Because of Nelson Mandela, the hero who fought in the name of struggle, who was responsible for countless deaths and murders not only of the minority groups, but of his own, the world chooses to deny the severity of the targeted killings that is slowly, but surely, eliminating the white population, one by one, each day, every day.

When Cyril Ramaphosa was asked about these murders and government’s complicity in these attacks, he simply stated that these were β€˜figments’ of our imagination, and that they were nothing more than internet crimes with white supremacists spreading propaganda. Again, the numbers don’t lie. The brutality and viciousness don’t lie. The failure to protect all South Africans is in the numbers. Look at them. Get the numbers, and look at them.

The hatred is brazen and public. The threats made against the minority South Africans are blatant. We are β€˜ordered to leave’ or β€˜give up our land or face a certain death.’ The demands leave us with little doubt that we are targets and that we will, at one point, become a survivor or a victim.

These murders are often prolonged and drawn-out until the very last breath of a father, mother or child is taken. Torture is imperative during these rituals, and are enjoyed and boasted about.    Demonic methods such as burning victims with items like blowtorches or hot irons, pouring boiling water or chemicals such as bleach into their throat and over them, sodomizing them with foreign objects, raping and torturing their wives, daughters and mothers, and then finally, beating, stabbing or shooting them to death. Children are strangled, beaten, kicked, stabbed, drowned in boiling water and their heads are smashed in with objects or against walls.

Husbands and fathers are forced to watch these attackers inflict such brutality on their wives or children as they die slowly, before they too, are tortured and killed. This after their eyelids have been cut off, and holes drilled in their knees, forcing them to witness each gruesome attack on each of his children, unable to fight back.

 β€˜Kill the Boer – kill the farmer;’ we remember Nelson Mandela’s clenched fists in 1992 and saluting to β€˜kill them – kill the whites.’ The long walk of a terrorist had begun.

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