β€œThe greatest fear of the white settler is to lose his job, his farm or his house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.”

The ANC, with the help of the EFF, and a few other clusters around the world have systematically made it their business, their life’s work and their ultimate goal to cripple, and destroy our Boer/Afrikaner men. Their war against our men was an attempt to weaken them by taking their culture and history away from them. They have worked non-stop and around the clock to dehumanize and demoralize our men by torturing their wives and children. They have stolen their ability to provide for their families, and they will inevitably, steal their lands or homes under the guise of reparation. They continue to label our men as thieves, settlers, and racists. Their target for the past 27 years, has been our men.

What they didn’t count on, and what has left them disoriented to such an extent that they have placed little cluster groups around the world to attack and silence us, is the women. They didn’t count on the Boer/Afrikaner women to join forces with women from around the world, to fight against the propaganda that government-funded institutions are determined to send out into the world, by attacking these women in the hopes that they surrender, curl up in a corner, fall apart emotionally, and hide from the world.

When each woman targeted gathers her wolves, and moves into position so as to defend their pack, and defend the attack, these institutions grow increasingly desperate and disparaged, even feeling the shame of being ridiculed. They did not count on the women to stand up with their men, and engage in a kind of warfare, the world is yet to understand, and one that has only just begun. By the increase of attacks against these women, we know that this war is one we can and will win. The escalation of attacks exposes their fear of the threat they are finding in these women. Each attack, each blow they hand us, and each time they take a payout to fight harder against us, we stand up stronger, and our circle grows bigger.

What these clusters are doing, is only making room for our growth. With each wolf added to our circle, a new howl can be heard. With each setback we face, two or more wolves take their place in our circle. These women, who have proudly adopted the title, β€œBoer” women, can now be found around the world, across the oceans, high on mountains, and they are taking no prisoners. They are everywhere, and they have come together to stand with our Boer men, our Afrikaner soldiers, and are fighting the fight not behind them, but beside them.

What we have learned from the women who have moved into this circle, is that they will never give up. They will never let us go, and they will never leave one man, woman, or child behind. They will never surrender to the attacks, to the pressure or to the fear these terrorists are desperate to instill in our circle. These women fear no-one, only their God. The will not surrender, only to their men, and their God. They will arm themselves each day, and take their places beside the men they believe in. The men whose strength they know is still within them. The men whose spirit can never die. The men whose faith lets them fight from their knees. These are the men they would give their lives for.

To the women in this circle, when you found us, we never knew we were looking for you. You are the adopted Boer women that came from all around the world, and have added to our fight and our voices. This is a call to other women who still believe in our men, and who know their strength, to come to our circle, and take our hands. Gone are the days of envy and judgements that women were known for in the past. Gone is competing with other women. We have found ourselves in a circle where we uplift, fight for, become voices for, protect, love and care for other women who believe like we do. This is what Circular 213-6 did for us. This is the road these terrorists have led us on. This is how we found ourselves in this pack, stronger and braver than we ever thought we were. We call on other women who are ready to join our fight, and our voice.

To the men we are standing with, we salute you. We see you. We still see you. We know that the warrior in you is there. It is in your blood. It is who you are. It is what you will become again, and it is what we are learning from. It is you who gives us strength, hope and courage. It is your history and culture that gives us a purpose. It is where we begin, and it is where we will end. With you. It is the roads you have traveled, the strength you have displayed and your loyalty to our God, that gets us up each day. It is your heart. It is your spirit. It is you. It is within you. You have paved the way for us, and we will walk the roads it takes us on. We will never let you go. We will be there to soften the blows, and take over when you think you can no longer lift your head. We will never let you go.

We are who we are. There isn’t a circular, a government, a terrorist, or an evil in this world that can kill that which is within us.

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