BOOK 4 – Above The Law

Ally Bradshaw saying Bravo, Ten Four!

Whatever. My luck was bound to run out, not that it was any good to begin with, and everything was bound to coming crashing down around me sooner or later. I just thought it would be later, rather than sooner. I certainly did not think it would be at the hands of this rough guy, Detective Rough!

My little escapade with the detective begins at the precinct minutes after I get back from Water Hills where Daniel, Lucy woozy and I meet with him following the fire at the museum and which prompted my sudden and surprisingly unwilling return to Willow County. Yes, unwilling.

As you know, I was instantly and unashamedly bowled over by his bad-ass’ness, his rough boy looks and oh so smooth talk.

Naturally, I am a little intimidated by Mark as we begin detectiving through the case – together. Yes, detectiving. I know, I need to ask for my school fees back. Daniel is still shacking up with the perfect porcelain princess, and to be honest, I am waiting for that bubble to burst. I don’t like her, and I have a feeling, I’m going to like her even less as she continues to cling to Daniel like a perfect little damsel in distress.

A run-in with Michael leads to an unexpected, but all the same, unfair calamity, and when Mark sets his sights on that pathetic ex-husband of mine, I actually feel sorry for him as he becomes a target in more investigation than one. Lily too. I’m not sure how I feel about that?

Speaking of Michael; he’s proposed to Lily and they couldn’t be happier. Whoop. Whoop. I can’t be happier.

Anyway, back to this rough boy detective, things are not quite as they seem and even though the sensual side of me refuses to quite see what my mind sees, I find myself in a little bit of a legal wrangle and an unlawful mess.

My encounter with Mark turns into a scene from an action-packed-thriller starring me (who else?), Michael, Lily and Daniel. How was I to know that that detective thought himself above the law? Yes, I know what I hoped for, but not like that?

Hold on tight; this is one adventure I never want to repeat. This is one time I kinda’ wished that I was still that boring, drab and ugly wifey. This scared the shit out of me and almost numbed and locked my passionate alter ego up forever, and possibly beyond.

But, it’s also made me realize quite a few things about myself, and how far I would go to defend the innocent, whether I like them or not. It made me see a side of Michael I had forgotten still existed, but also a side to Daniel that perhaps I just never wanted to see before.

Whatever. I am looking at life a little differently lately, and when all is said and done, I still have a heart. Feelings. Emotions. Fears. Needs. Desires. Wants.

Wants. Maybe I’ve missed a moment that I might come to regret for the rest of my life, but maybe, the fat lady hasn’t yet sung? Who knows?

What I do know is that Michael has seen better days, and that Daniel is living better days.

Me? I’m still reeling from all that went down with Detective Mark Warren.

You can definitely not call me boring or drab, possibly ugly, but don’t. It stings.


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