BOOK 2 – On Ice

Ally Bradshaw here … again!

I am not going to lie, I have had two weeks of sheer and utter hell. It had been two weeks since I said goodbye to Daniel. Reluctantly. For two long, lonely and utterly wasted weeks, I had tried to establish some sort of routine for myself, with absolute no success.

I hadn’t been out with Bianca, even though she had been coming around often. I had been avoided going out to the movies with her and basically just travelled between my apartment and work.

Still. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Daniel. There wasn’t a part of me that wanted to forget him and it confused me. Terribly. I didn’t know what it was? I didn’t know why each time I closed my eyes; my entire body began craving him. I could smell him. All. The. Damn. Time.

I woke up at night and caught a whiff of his oh so powerful scent. I missed him. Not me Ally, but rather my ever-growing, ever-increasing need for him. Urgh.

Michael had been pestering me non-stop. He called non-stop, he texted non-stop and he would drop by the museum or he would up at my apartment unannounced and at any hour, often at the most appropriate of times.

I would already be in bed at night, or still be asleep in the morning when he showed up as though he lived here.    

He complained endlessly about Lily; her clinginess, her jealousy and more importantly, her insatiable appetite for him. Hang on. For him? For that under-developed, dwindling, crinkly, purplish, skew’ish and damn ugly part of  him?

Lily needed a man. ‘Oh, that’s right; I can’t really criticize her, can I? I took me twelve long and miserable years to discover how utterly disappointing he is.’

I had tried everything I could and, in my power, to give him the cold shoulder. I had tried ignoring his calls; pretend that I was not home and Gill went as far as to tell him I was not at work.

But, having said all that, I came up with a fool-proof plan to deal with Michael for once and for all. By the way, he never once showed up at my place with Lily. Whatever. I am over him. I am over that damn scary manhood.

In this instalment, find out how I dealt with Michael’s sorry, whiny and scrawny ass. As you can probably imagine, it didn’t end well for him, and he went as far as to involve my parents! That I didn’t see coming and, in the end, didn’t end well for me when my plan backfires miserably. Jerk.

On a more positive note, I scheduled an appointment with Doctor Walker, yes, Doctor William WalkerPlastic Surgeon. Remember him, the guy from the elevator who gave me his card? Yes him! Bianca and I ran into him at the movies one Sunday night after my two-week find-myself-period, and after a very brief, but oh so stimulating drink at his place, I went to see him under the pretense of discussing my girls with him, and a possible breast enlargement, or a lift.

Not really! Well, maybe the lift. I was seriously considering a bit of a tuck and a lift, but he didn’t know that I had other intentions. Desires. Needs. I had a few one-night-stands set aside, that included him.

Only thing is, could he live up to my expectations. Could he measure up to Daniel? Why oh why did I walk out on Daniel? Why am I even mentioning Daniel here? This isn’t about Daniel. This is about the Doctor William Walker. Him.

I hadn’t seen Daniel at all during those two weeks. I hadn’t run into him or knocked on his front door since the day we ended whatever it was that we had. I don’t want to see him. Okay, I lie. Often, I’d hide in the coffee shop in the corner of the mall just to catch a glimpse of him.

There was something about my fireman in uniform that I just couldn’t deny. Something so sexy, sensual, intimidating and overpowering. I would see Doctor Walker walk by too as he disappeared into the elevator. Aah, what a feast of masculinity.

Enough Ally!

My father called me a couple of days after my revenge rendezvous with Michael. Aah, I can’t get that picture of Michael out of my mind. So, my father insisted I seek counselling for my questionable behavior. Everything aside, it was damn worth it.

My parents demanded that I travel to Water Hills in Constantia for a good pep talk. For a little bit of Church and a whole lot of preaching. They were horrified by my behavior and when I learnt of Michael’s enormous lie, I was crushed. Humiliated. Angry. I did not count on him lying to my parents.

I don’t want to go, but I made a promise and swore to take the drive out to the farm for my three weeks of leave coming up in June.

So here I am, still newly-single, almost two months after my divorce. I rely heavily on Bianca for advice, but my new-found freedom doesn’t. The new Ally does her own thing and wants what she wants.

I did however, spend those first two weeks after my goodbye to Daniel shopping for newer, racier and so much more appealing lingerie, silk blouses, silk dresses and a whole lot more shoes.

I have thrown out my pj’s. Yes! I have! I now wear nothing to bed. It was liberating. Sexy. Sleeping naked has introduced me to a whole new way of sleeping, and I sleep like a baby. Every night.

So, here we are! Let me take you through my highs and lows with William Walker as I continuously hanker after Daniel’s intoxicating scent, chiseled chest, muscular arms and phenomenal lips.

Call me what you like, just don’t call me drab, boring or ugly!


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