“Hello Alice. First the best news. You’re IN! Afterlight will be listed on the Author Academy Awards site when voting officially opens in March. This award recognizes excellence in literary achievements. Entries will be reviewed and evaluated on popular vote, social contribution, and overall presentation (cover, content, flow, and originality) by the Academy’s voting membership comprised of best-selling authors, literary agents, and industry leaders.”

This is my second entry for the awards that will take place in New York in October 2020, once the finalists have been selected.

As most of you know, my reviews have been stripped from all my books about a year ago, including Afterlight. If you have read Afterlight, please leave a review, even if you have done so before. If you can’t submit it to Amazon, please comment below or email me so that I can add it in the editorial section.

Voting is a percentage of the judging process, and once voting officially opens in March, please cast your vote.

If you haven’t read Afterlight, I have a promotion from February 14th until the 21st on Amazon. Please get your copy of the eBook on promotion.

For all the Afterlight supporters, reviewers and messages, I will never be able to tell you how thankful I am.

Alice xxx