I have tried so hard to keep this to myself until the official kick-off, but that didn’t work out so well! 
On Saturday morning, I received an email from The Author Academy Awards that “our” book is in the running for BEST GENERAL NON-FICTION for 2020.
This is my second book that is in the running for 2020, but honestly, the one that matters the most. This is our book, all of ours. Us, who belong to South Africa, and those from all over the world who have stood with us, fighting the fight beside us.
The official kick-off is March 3rd, 2020. A portion of the way forward will depend on votes for this book. Whether we make it through to the end or not, know that we have already won! South Africa has won! You have won! The truth has won, and the recognition we’ve received by just being in the running, is a win!
Thank you to all the supporters and fighters from around the world! We can do this!