Keeping the Faith

Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s the times we’re living in. Maybe, I’ve just reached a point in my life, where I feel the need to separate from a “crowd. “I am a Christian. Not a perfect one, and definitely not one without sin. I will always bow down, and do my best to serve God. I don’t force my faith or beliefs on anybody, but the exhausting part of my life is, you non-believers are working tirelessly to convince me that there is “nothing else.” Some of you even ridicule me for believing in something I have never seen. I have seen. I HAVE seen. I have seen God in every breath of my existence. Each night I get safely into bed, I’ve seen Him. Each morning I wake up, I see Him. Every plate of food on my table, each shoe on my foot, my warm bed, the roof over me, the guardians around my children and loved ones, the smiles on strangers faces, the hands that reach out to me when the world pushes a little harder than usual, the peace inside of me, the joy at the little things around me, and most valuable of all, the love that I get to give and receive, I see Him. The bullets I dodge knowingly, I see Him. But it’s the dodged bullets I don’t always know of, that I see Him more clearly. When my fears turn to peace, I see Him. When sadness turns to joy, I see Him. When provisions are received each day, I see Him. When the impossible becomes the possible, I see Him. When troubles turn into blessings, I see Him. When a door closes, my newness begins, and I see Him.

When weakness turns to strength, I see Him. Most of all, each time I stumble and fall, I see His hands lift me up. Don’t ask me how God exists when there is so much wrong around me. It’s supposed to be that way. The enemy fights hardest when our souls are harder to take. It’s supposed to be a struggle and a daily fight. If it wasn’t, we would surely have lost this warfare against good and evil. It means that evil is still trying, and that means that we’re still of God. God doesn’t “let” things happen. People do. Free will does. He leads and guides us, we just don’t always listen. My point is this; I am never going to believe differently. I am always going to surrender my life to God. I don’t want to fight about it. Argue about it. Explain it. This is where the separation comes in. We are right in the middle of a good vs evil warfare. We can’t be friends. Our “kind” has to stand together, and it holds no room for “your kind. “How terribly miserable it must be to think there’s nothing bigger. Nothing more. Just a whole lot of nothingness when you die. I would rather believe in an eternal, joyful life with God, and be wrong, than to believe in your nothing, and be miserable.

With love,

Alice VL

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