Still today … it wasn’t my turn

My Turn – Waiting To Be Murdered In South Africa (The Reality Of Farm Murders)

The cruel reality in South Africa is one of where the leaders of our nation are currently embarking on a number of campaigns to discredit and criticize white genocide claims by us, the minority South Africans. They have nonchalantly labeled it as nothing more than whitedriven- propaganda or white supremacy as they continue to control mainstream media’s unfair reporting. Being a farmer in South Africa has become the most treacherous job in the country. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that the already-armed farmer rushes home before the sun sets.

His wife back home is waiting for him, and she too is armed and in fear. His son at the other end of the farm is frantic to round up the cattle before he too, rushes home; armed and in fear. The darkness has become their worst enemy, and the moment the sun sets, they are extraordinarily vulnerable. They no longer have the right to function normally or sleep without fear. They no longer have the right to the safety of their homes and farms where they work to provide for their families and the families of their workers without fear. They can no longer guarantee shelter. They are forced to listen to struggle songs like ‘Kill The Boer—Kill The Farmer’ or to chantings like ‘One Settler— One Bullet.’

They fear driving out in their fields at night, and they fear sitting in their garden after dark, as they unwind after a long day. They know they are being brutally attacked and murdered for their land and it’s not a fair fight. The heavily armed attackers come in at night while they are asleep and bring the numbers with them, determined to rape, torture and kill.

The farmer doesn’t say much. If he does, he is accused of causing panic. He works his fields and at the same time, he wonders what the farm murder casualty numbers must be before the world sits up and takes notice. How many more murders will justify panic? Just the day before, his wife was exposed to a social media call for white ‘pigs’ to be slaughtered and have their offspring used as fertilizer. There are white crosses erected as a memorial for slaughtered farmers. They know their names. They knew them once.

They remain quiet, and they remain hopeless and helpless. If they so much as speak of the atrocities against farmers, they are accused of embellishing the truth even though they can’t sleep at night and even though they have taken every safety precaution that is available to them. Each door and each window is firmly secured and checked each night. On the dining room table, he keeps his Bible with bullets that lay closeby as they prepare themselves for the night ahead.

Some of them don’t sleep at all, and some take turns keeping vigil and monitoring security systems for outdoor movement. Others simply can’t sleep. Each noise, every sound, and every movement is demoralizing. Their lives have been adapted to listen for echoes and thuds that they aren’t familiar with. They are afraid; terrified of the numbers that could appear in the darkest of the night. Their lives are no longer their own. Their decisions now include their defenselessness. They have been stripped of their ability to live and work in safety.

They are afraid to seek help. They are afraid of being accused of racism. They know exactly what the consequences are should they seek awareness from the world. The world is blissfully unaware of the reality that white men, women, and children are being specifically targeted for rape, torture, and murder in large numbers and daily. We know we are a mark. We know without a doubt that there might as well be a contract out on all our lives. How can it not be? How do we justify the outrage, hatred, attacks, and murders against white South Africans, perpetrated by black South Africans?

I watch daily, and I mourn daily as white South African farmers experience a full-blown spate of murder and destruction and for no other reason than our race. I scroll past, and then I scroll back when I read reports of their houses being vandalized with phrases such as ‘Kill the Boer’ or ‘We’re coming for you, Whitey.’

Will the deliberate killings of the white population in South Africa be recognized as an act of genocide only when the last South African Boer has fallen? Again, I search in mainstream media, and I fail to find one single report on this.Fake news? Fake reporting on genocide? Overexaggeration on the true state of South Africa? White supremacy?

All this while we are still reeling from the news that Jacob Zuma and his comrades sourced London-based public relations firm, Bell Pottinger, to drum up anti-white sentiment throughout the world. The investigation into Bell Pottinger’s campaign revealed a media empire that included mainstream news outlets, alternative news websites, and a large number of social media platforms which included Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where large-scale fake news propaganda was launched and as a result, negatively influenced all South Africans.

When the campaign was first exposed, it increased distrust in our government and became clear that the ANC government will go to any lengths to protect themselves and ultimately, ensure that white South Africans become increasingly vulnerable. The campaign driven between July 2016 and July 2017 was responsible for at least 220,000 fake tweets and Facebook posts to deliberately confuse the world. In July 2017, Bell Pottinger Chief Executive and major shareholder James Henderson resigned after issuing an ‘unequivocal’ apology for the fake campaign.

An apology.

Bell Pottinger’s role in configuring the Gupta family’s empire was established to veil their increasing enrichment at the expense of South African citizens and taxpayers. But for the fact that a selected group of campaigners who have enjoyed limited access to such reporting on social media, we would never know.

Just like you. Just like the rest of the world.

Fake news? Is it fake news when Julius Malema and his allies incite violence by spewing out anti-white sentiment at each and every rally or gathering he is the ‘star’ of? Through all the farm murders and the killing of white South Africans, we are faced with a president who remains pro-active in defending these claims and in the end; he simply criticizes the word ‘genocide.’

A president quick to condemn the entire world while disrespecting and insulting foreign leaders. Party leaders like Julius Malema who taunts presidents of foreign countries by issuing them with stern warnings to retreat while assuring the rest of the world that they, the leaders of South Africa are not afraid. Words like ‘there will be blood’ or ‘we are taking back the land’ are spewed out on an almost daily basis. When I came across Genocide Watch, an international human rights organization who are specifically concerned with acts of genocide, and rates various countries with strong ethnic or religious conflicts according to ten stages of genocide, I found that South Africa was rated as being on the border of polarization and preparation which is currently stages 6 and 7.
But, that just doesn’t seem accurate anymore. Stage 8 is defined as persecution, and stage 9 advances to genocide. And there it was; stage 10 – the denial of genocide. Denial. Genocide Watch is justifiably disturbed with the high murder rates in South Africa, specifically the unbalanced number of white farmers killed.

In July of 2012, Dr. Gregory Stanton who heads up the non-profit organization, Genocide Watch carried out an investigative assignment in South Africa where he found that there is an organized campaign of genocide being conducted against white South African farmers.

‘The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental. It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes, especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation.’ An investigation into South Africa, where we have the highest rape rate in the world. A country where public hate speech by black South Africans against white South Africans is increasing and is acceptable while much of it stems from powerful politicians.

Violence in South Africa is real. Racial tension is existent, and hatred towards white South Africans is genuine. Inequality and discrimination against white South Africans is real, and the failure to protect the minority is undisputed. Farm murders are occurring daily along with increases in brutality and violence. The anti-white sentiment is authentic and brazen. South African farmers are being stripped of the ability to provide for their families. We are being threatened with death should we not surrender our land and a number of black South Africans have warned that they are coming for all that we own.

Waiting to be murdered in South Africa has become a new normal for my family and me.

Waiting to be murdered in South Africa is a reality all our farmers live with as they await their turn. We are asked why we don’t simply pack up and leave South Africa? How do you ask a farmer to suppress his love for his land and reject his heritage? It is his birthright and was that of his parents before him.

His passion for his farmlands was carried down by generations before him and will seep over into his children who will, in turn, inherit his legacy. But, what about the rest? What about my family or the families without the means to seek refuge somewhere else? What about the countries that don’t want us or are unwilling to acknowledge that the attacks on the South African minority exist?

We stay, and we prepare our children for what will inevitably come for us. We wait for our turn. We watch helplessly as the rise of political instability within South Africa translates to economic instability? Where did that leave Zimbabwe when President Robert Mugabe’s blatant hatred and racism towards white Zimbabwean farmers resulted in an annihilation of white people and resulted in their subsequent fleeing from the country? It left them with hyper-inflation and massive starvation, which in the end led to Mugabe pleading with the farmers he once expelled, to return just to feed the people of Zimbabwe.

My president refuses to recognize that the demographics and economic situation is almost identical. He won’t hear or listen; he refuses to entertain the probabilities as the threat against farmers and white South Africans increase by the hour. A selected few farmers who remain imperative to rebuilding the already-fragile economy in South Africa, consider themselves defeated by the intended seizing of land and are seeking lives and opportunities elsewhere. Those who can. Others are staying, preparing to fight for the land their fathers, and their fathers before them have farmed, nurtured and loved.

But, the one common denominator between all white South Africans is the reality that we are not protected by our government. We are being brutally attacked and murdered on a daily basis. Between 2010 and 2015, there were in excess of 2,500 violent attacks by black South Africans against white South Africans. The greater part of this number showed that they were tortured to death and suffered mental anguish by being forced to watch the gang-rape of their wives, daughters, and mothers.

There is no official acknowledgment from my president that white farmers are more likely to be targeted for crimes, so the deaths of our farmers are being blatantly disregarded by the South African Police. The ANC government strongly denies that white South Africans are being intentionally pursued and persecuted and have stated that farm attacks and murders are merely a fraction of South Africa’s wider violent crime problems.

Yet, we can’t ignore the brutality of these attacks. We can’t deny the growing rage of a community in South Africa that believes, without a doubt, we are being hunted and then, terrorized. This forces us all to consider a new kind of normal for all white South Africans.

Our bedrooms are barricaded from the rest of our homes in desperate attempts to secure ourselves from attacks during the night. Steel gates are welded onto our bedroom doors, and then again, further down our passages to cordon off our vulnerability during the night. Iron rods are used to cover up every single window, opening, and non-opening in every single area of our homes.

Our pets are brought in at night, and guard dogs patrol our grounds around our property. We can only hope and pray that they are not poisoned, stabbed or shot during the night. I know this isn’t enough to protect my family. I know that our attackers can bypass any security measure I have in place, but perhaps, it allows me five minutes to respond. I might have a moment where I don’t wake up to six, or eight, or a dozen men standing around my bed as I stare down the barrel of a gun. What could I possibly do with those five minutes? I can’t stop the attack. I can’t defend myself, but, I can pray. I know that when my turn comes, my beautiful, young, intelligent, respectful and Godly daughter will be the first to be tortured.

The attackers will force her father to watch as they brutalize her. They will rape her, inflict pain on her and quite possibly burn parts of her body before they murder a beautiful soul in cold blood. They will come for me next. I pray they do. I could never get the images of what they will inevitably do to my daughter, from my mind. Death will be welcomed. Then, when I let out my dying breath, they will turn to my son and terrorize and torture him for the next few hours. His father will continue to watch and die a thousand deaths while witnessing the brutality. It will crush him. It will slowly begin to kill him. Once our attackers have snuffed out the lives of his family, they will finish him off. Perhaps, they will keep him alive to remind him of the attack for the rest of his life. But maybe, hopefully, they will murder him too.

Still, today, it wasn’t my turn. It was someone else’s.