Lola’s Secret

When Lola chose Sutherland, she had no idea that she was choosing a town to get away from a life she no longer felt that she belonged in, while running into a life she had no memory of once living in. A family she was already a part of; a journey she had already begun a long time ago. For Lola, it was a city that chose her to come back into a life that already knew her; a life that was stolen from her as a child. She soon discovers the secrets of her childhood and how her dreams were pushing her to find her way back home; to a little boy she once loved; to the man, he had become while hiding from a family who took her from him.

Pearls In Ashes

When Gabriel was assigned to Kenya with a team from Doctors Without Borders, Skyler never thought that their new beginning would end so abruptly after Gabriel went missing in war torn Kenya. Angered by his family’s betrayal, Skyler left the home she shared with him shortly after his memorial service, and moved away to a new city, hoping to never see them again. She slowly began picking up the shattered pieces of her heart when she unexpectedly met and fell in love with the kind-hearted and charming, Gavin Taylor. Just when Skyler thought the years that had gone by had finally brought her the closure she so desperately sought, the news that Gabriel was found alive, left her reeling and devastated all at the same time.



He was not ready to lose her in either worlds, so he tricked the stars and conspired against the Universe. He loved her in life – he swept her into a portal and loved her in death, and then he sent her back to her world as he continued to linger in his – between life and between death.
They told her it was all in her mind. They said that her memories were never real. They locked her away until he found a way back, through his best friend.

It’s Me, Samantha

The Ghost Of Samantha Harrington

They took away her name. They took away her face. They took away her identity, and then they sent her back to her old life. He met her again. He fell in love with her again. He saw it in her eyes and he heard it in her voice.

The Weeping Price

And The Mansion In Sand

How was Scarlett-Rose to know that her father, Pastor Joseph Horak, the much-loved, terribly-feared highly-respected pastor of Carmel was the biggest sinner of them all.


When James Starkey moved his family to the city, Molly was devastated to learn that she would have to leave the town she had been raised in; she was also heartbroken that she had to leave Ryan behind. When she promised Ryan that she would find her way back home and back to him, she had no idea that it was a promise that would come back to haunt her. Disappointed by her father when a mistake tore Ryan and Molly apart, she dedicated her life to leaving her parents behind her and finding her way home again. She set out on a journey to find Ryan again, but she was not prepared for how much he had changed and how nothing was the same anymore.

The Bookstore Series

Passage Of Time


Sarah heard about the legend of Adelaine Alandrali, but it was only when she came home to find him gone eleven months before, did she begin to understand how magical her book, Passage Of Time was.
Sarah never meant to stay away so long, and she never thought he would die. When she wakes up twelve years ago, can she convince him that she has come back and will he believe her when it is only he who can alter his fate.

The Bookstore Series

A Crinkle In Time


When Holly is brutally murdered at the hands of her husband’s best friend Adam, she slumbers into what she thinks is her final sleep. Only, she awakes a few years back and turns to Sarah at Fine Books for help.
Together, they are determined to alter Holly’s fate, and when Holly finally has a false sense of security that she succeeded in preventing her own death, it is up to Sarah to step in.