The Stranger Has A Name; Life

Life, and the world we’re living in, is a stranger to me lately. My heart no longer has a connection to it anymore. My soul is placing a great distance between me and life. Maybe to protect me. Maybe to shield me. Perhaps, to save me. Life, and each corner of the world, has turned upside down.

I see others embracing wrong as right. From our world leaders and our spiritual guides, to those of us whose names are barely whispered. What is right, isn’t anymore, and we’re punished for it. We’re penalized for keeping our faith, our values, our Christianity, our traditions, our culture and distinguishing between right and wrong. I see evil seeping into the world, like a dark fog hanging over us, while we’re told it’s a light – different, but still a light. I see good men having to do really bad things, cross lines they never thought they would, or ever wanted to, for good to prevail. I see bad men pushing the limits of evil, brazenly. They tell us it’s the new normal. They know what we know, but they keep pushing. I see people like you and me who cannot see. They are afraid of seeing. Afraid of acknowledging. Afraid of what it might mean if they do. Afraid of what their losses will be if they do. Most can barely tell the difference anymore. I see some who have lost that little voice inside of them. The One that’s always right. The One we can’t really hear, but can overwhelmingly feel. The One that guides us, leads us and protects us.

I see a noisy world, drowning out God’s voice, and God’s will. I see some surrendering to the darkness. They are tired. Outnumbered. Alone. Lost. Caught between right and wrong, evil and good. They feel abandoned. Discarded. Conquered.

I see hopelessness. Sadness. Ugly. Hard hearts. Suffering. Persecutions. Hatred. Evil. It is brazen. There is no longer a need to hide injustice. There is no more hiding their master, satan. There is no more pretending. He is here, amongst us. Like a plague, he is winning his souls with the promise of worldly power and wealth.

What’s left, is up to us. We can’t fall. We can’t hide. We can’t surrender. We can’t leave things to someone else. We can’t become like them. We can’t choose wrong over right. Evil over good. We can’t surrender our souls to the evils that have infiltrated our very existence.

But, we can rest. We can watch for a while. We can pray. We can live by faith. We can choose. And we must.

We just can never give up. We know where the roads lead us. We know how it ends. We know Who wins. We need to remind souls like ours. We need to give them of ourselves. We need to carry them. Hold them up until they can see again. Hear again. Feel again.

For our farmers. For our tribe. For our country. For our children. For our flag. For God. For us. For our fathers before us. For our values. For our culture and heritage. For our soil. For each other.

For Christians across the world. For people like us.

We know how this ends.