The Flaw In Circular 213-6 The ANC Doesn’t Want You To Know


“The greatest fear of the white settler is to lose his job, his farm or his house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.”

The ANC, with the help of the EFF, and a few other clusters around the world have systematically made it their business, their life’s work and their ultimate goal to cripple, and destroy our Boer/Afrikaner men. Their war against our men was an attempt to weaken them by taking their culture and history away from them. They have worked non-stop and around the clock to dehumanize and demoralize our men by torturing their wives and children. They have stolen their ability to provide for their families, and they will inevitably, steal their lands or homes under the guise of reparation. They continue to label our men as thieves, settlers, and racists. Their target for the past 27 years, has been our men.

What they didn’t count on, and what has left them disoriented to such an extent that they have placed little cluster groups around the world to attack and silence us, is the women. They didn’t count on the Boer/Afrikaner women to join forces with women from around the world, to fight against the propaganda that government-funded institutions are determined to send out into the world, by attacking these women in the hopes that they surrender, curl up in a corner, fall apart emotionally, and hide from the world.

When each woman targeted gathers her wolves, and moves into position so as to defend their pack, and defend the attack, these institutions grow increasingly desperate and disparaged, even feeling the shame of being ridiculed. They did not count on the women to stand up with their men, and engage in a kind of warfare, the world is yet to understand, and one that has only just begun. By the increase of attacks against these women, we know that this war is one we can and will win. The escalation of attacks exposes their fear of the threat they are finding in these women. Each attack, each blow they hand us, and each time they take a payout to fight harder against us, we stand up stronger, and our circle grows bigger.

What these clusters are doing, is only making room for our growth. With each wolf added to our circle, a new howl can be heard. With each setback we face, two or more wolves take their place in our circle. These women, who have proudly adopted the title, “Boer” women, can now be found around the world, across the oceans, high on mountains, and they are taking no prisoners. They are everywhere, and they have come together to stand with our Boer men, our Afrikaner soldiers, and are fighting the fight not behind them, but beside them.

What we have learned from the women who have moved into this circle, is that they will never give up. They will never let us go, and they will never leave one man, woman, or child behind. They will never surrender to the attacks, to the pressure or to the fear these terrorists are desperate to instill in our circle. These women fear no-one, only their God. The will not surrender, only to their men, and their God. They will arm themselves each day, and take their places beside the men they believe in. The men whose strength they know is still within them. The men whose spirit can never die. The men whose faith lets them fight from their knees. These are the men they would give their lives for.

To the women in this circle, when you found us, we never knew we were looking for you. You are the adopted Boer women that came from all around the world, and have added to our fight and our voices. This is a call to other women who still believe in our men, and who know their strength, to come to our circle, and take our hands. Gone are the days of envy and judgements that women were known for in the past. Gone is competing with other women. We have found ourselves in a circle where we uplift, fight for, become voices for, protect, love and care for other women who believe like we do. This is what Circular 213-6 did for us. This is the road these terrorists have led us on. This is how we found ourselves in this pack, stronger and braver than we ever thought we were. We call on other women who are ready to join our fight, and our voice.

To the men we are standing with, we salute you. We see you. We still see you. We know that the warrior in you is there. It is in your blood. It is who you are. It is what you will become again, and it is what we are learning from. It is you who gives us strength, hope and courage. It is your history and culture that gives us a purpose. It is where we begin, and it is where we will end. With you. It is the roads you have traveled, the strength you have displayed and your loyalty to our God, that gets us up each day. It is your heart. It is your spirit. It is you. It is within you. You have paved the way for us, and we will walk the roads it takes us on. We will never let you go. We will be there to soften the blows, and take over when you think you can no longer lift your head. We will never let you go.

We are who we are. There isn’t a circular, a government, a terrorist, or an evil in this world that can kill that which is within us.

We are the women they fear.

With love,

Alice VL

My Turn – Not IF, but WHEN

DISCLAIMER : This is not my article, merely my translation. Article originally written in Afrikaans.

AUTHOR : PIETER SWART (Journalist who has attended many such crimes scenes)

“This morning, God must please help me understand how there can be so much cruelty and barbarism in the hearts of those responsible for the farm attack in Bonnievale, Western Cape. Because, I don’t understand it. It paves the way for defenselessness and bitterness, emotions we never asked for.”

Imagine this:

You and your wife are alone at home. A few of your farm workers, who you treat with the greatest care, love and respect, just like you do all your farm laborers, suddenly bursts into your home, and overpowers you.

These are people you know. These are people you’ve had a working relationship with for years. These are the people that are treated exceptionally well, nurtured and care for by you, that they labeled you and your family as “wonderful people.”

Imagine your, and your family’s initial shock when you realize why they are there. Imagine feeling disbelief while feelings of incredulity overwhelm you. You might be thinking along the lines of, “How can it be? These are the people we work with. People we support, and have given a home to. Only last night, did we greet each other before we all made our way to our homes. This can’t be?

You and your wife are thrown, and pushed around. Assaulted. Fists are flying all around you, and not one misses you or your wife. Your wife starts crying and begging, but all this does, is fuel their anger, and increases their cruelty.

Two attackers are holding you down from behind, while one attacker, the same one you’ve had a conversation with the day before, and the days before that; the one you got on remarkably well with, opens a pocket knife, and stabs you over and over again.

You try to free yourself from their grip, and desperately try to avoid the knife from penetrating your body, but he carries on stabbing you in your chest, your arms, your face …

You don’t feel the pain, but you can see the blood splatter all around you. It’s everywhere. Splatters on your attacker, the same man who greeted you for the night. Splatter on the floor, on the carpet and on the furniture. Your blood.

You are overwhelmed by shock and disbelief, and feel as though this isn’t really happening. Almost as though you are watching it all happen to someone else. Not you. Not your workers. Not your farm. Not your wife.

You are painfully aware of the hysteric screams coming from your wife, but the louder she screams and the more desperate she becomes, the harder they hit her, one blow landing on her face with a revolver. Your wife. You are powerless.

They demand money. Jewelry. Weapons. Someone told them there is a fortune in your safe at home, and they want it!

You open the safe while the blows continue to rain down on you, only to try and explain that there was nothing of much value in that safe. Hoping they would realize there was nothing for them to take, and leave, it has exactly the opposite effect on these attackers. They become increasingly aggressive, and begin shouting. The barbarism and torture increases through their anger.

You hear one shouting, “The money has to be somewhere. You are hiding it from us. We want it!”

The house is ransacked, despite the ongoing torturing and beatings. They find nothing. There is a slight glimmer of hope when you realize they are beginning to understand that there is no treasure chest hidden between the walls of your home. You are slightly relieved, “They can see here is nothing. Thank you, God. Now they will stop. They are going to leave. Finally.”

But, it doesn’t happen that way.

Their hysterics simply made way for something else; a kind of evil you have never known before.

You are your wife are tied to chairs, one across from the other so that you can see each other without any obstruction. Almost as though the evil forces are overtaking any humanity they might have had. “A breeding of evil …” goes through your mind as you watch with surprising clarity.

“I will do anything. You can kill me, please just let my wife go. I beg you. We have always been good to you. Always.”

The response is nothing more than a smirk. “Be quiet, you dog. Today, we will show you who’s boss.

One attacker walks over to your loved one, your tiny, petite and fragile wife, carrying a kettle filled with boiling water in his hands. Her body trembles as she sobs quietly. She no longer makes a sound. She sits and stares blankly while weeping, tied securely to her chair.

She tries desperately to pull her head away from the kettle, but the boiling water rolls mercilessly over her head. Over her face. In her eyes, and down her cheeks. Her back. Her breasts. It finally forms a pool on her lap where she keeps her legs tightly together.

You can see at once how her face and neck turns bright red, and watch as the skin starts melting from her cheeks and neck.

“Please dear God, this can’t be happening. Please wake me up from this nightmare. Please Lord, it can’t be my wife that is being burnt so heartlessly.”

Then you hear the voices again. As though it rolls through a misty fog and reaches your ears. You hear them laughing …

The money is forgotten. These attackers have taken the attack to a whole new level. A display of power. An orgy of torture and barbaric cruelty.

The attacker is encouraged to go and fetch more boiling water. While he walks away, another one comes closer with a toolbox filled with tools. He takes out a power drill. He turns to his accomplice, and exchanges a few words before they burst out laughing again.

You are now the focus of their attention. Two attackers come closer, and hold your head in a firm grip, while a third takes out the thickest and largest drill bit, and screws it into the power drill. He switches it on, and sets it to “hammer-action.” You can hear it.

They laugh again.

You can’t feel them drilling slowly through the bones of your temple, and through to your eye-socket. All you can feel is the vibration through your head. Through your brain.

You are suddenly aware of your wife’s eyes. They are red, bloodshot and filled with fear and repugnance.

“Don’t look. Don’t look!” You try and mumble to her, but no words come out.

You can now smell how the drill begins burning at your flesh and your skull as it keeps turning and turning …

Pieter SwartThis is a farm attack that took place in Bonnievale where Mr. Tool Wessels was shot and killed outside his home after being tortured for hours. He was dressed only in his underwear. A tie was pulled firmly around his mouth.

His wife Liezel survived the attack. She managed to free herself while the attackers took Tool outside where they continued to torture him, and finally, kill him. She managed to get to her car, and sped away where she was able to get help.

Describing an attack in such detail is horrendous, but I am not sorry. It has to be done. This is how it happens. This isn’t an isolated incident. For 25 years, we’ve heard and read about farm attacks, but the reality of the tortures is never mentioned.

Normal crimes? Hate crimes. Decide for yourself.