Let’s Be Christmas

Christmas time. We are all a little more defenseless and a tad-bit crooked at Christmas time. Some of us are crushingly entangled in the cries of despair as they whisper terrifying secrets of sorrow when no-one else wants to hear or wants to see. Despair is heightened at a time that should be replaced with joy and merriment. For some of us, it may seem as though the lights on our Christmas trees callously burns away all that we have been praying for, and as the countdown to the most enchanting time of the year begins, the promise of magic at Christmas begins to fade.

A miraculous time where anything is possible, and everything is imaginable, might now seem implausible, and all that we really want, is to run away from it all, anxious to hide from anything Christmas. Some of us were crushed by the things that have come undone throughout the year; things that we just cannot cast aside now, not even for Christmas. Some of us have tried so many ways to stand up and remain strong, but for the most part of the year, our desperate efforts have been discarded, denied and were just-not-enough. Our storms are so much more tempestuous, and our nightmares are so much more terrifying during Christmas, than ever before. The evil that surrounds us, does not rest. It does not celebrate in the birth of our Christ, and it does not seek to give us peace, even if only for Christmas. Even only to linger for a while in the birth of our Christ. Even only to bend our knees and find the wonder of Jesus.

But at Christmas time, we are all the same. The Christian world is one nation and one tribe. We breathe the same, we cry the same, we laugh the same and we love the same. The wealthy and the poor feel and hurt the same. We fear the same, and we agonize the same. We love the same and we lose the same. We need the same and we dream the same. The Spirit of Christmas does not adapt to who we are or what we do, who we aren’t, or what we don’t do. It does not differentiate between a name or an address. It does not discriminate between refinement or elegance. Christmas miracles are not selective, and it does not hand-pick its beneficiary based on successes or achievements that are of this world.

We are all in line for a miracle. All of us. It may be in the littlest of things, or it may be in our greatest desires. It may come unnoticed and unseen, and it may be an answer to a prayer that didn’t come in the way we thought it would. We are impartially chosen for a little bit of magic, whether we find it in ourselves, or someone else. Perhaps some are chosen to be the giver of a miracle or perhaps, a miracle is out there, chosen just for you, waiting for you to reach out and grab it. But, what we cannot deny is, the joy in any kind of miracle that shows up, whether we are one or we receive one. This year, let’s be Christmas.  

Let’s give of us, even if we can’t give things. Let’s be instead. Let’s be who someone needs. Let’s be an answer to a prayer. Let’s not think this Christmas, let’s just feel. Let’s listen for the messages to our souls. Let’s hear the pleadings above the noises of this world. Let us listen for the things others are not saying. Let’s say thank you for our miracles and blessings, and then, let us say it loud and clear by being someone else’s miracle this Christmas. Let us be a whole lot of different and a truck-load of crooked this year, this Christmas, just this once.

Let’s be the peace in other hearts, and the hope in other’s dreams. Let’s be the strength some have lost, and replace despair with faith. Let’s speak louder, let’s speak firmly even if our voices tremble. Let’s take hands. Let’s hold onto those whose legs buckle beneath them. Let’s fight harder. Let’s pray harder now that it’s hardest to pray. Let’s wipe away the tears. Let’s be braver than we are.

There are those who crawl with blood on their knees; let’s kick away the stones underneath them. There are those whose feet are tired and when they fall, let’s place a pillow there for them to rest on. There are those who run, desperate to escape the hardships of this world, let’s grab firmly onto them so that they can stop for just a moment to take in a deep breath so that they can begin again. There are those who are ashamed of, and desperately mask their failures, let’s seek them out and guide them back to their worth. There are those without love and who are alone, let’s place an arm around them and hold them tightly against us, for just a little longer than is necessary. There are those who are apart from those they long for, let’s listen for their silence and hear their longings. There are those that are so overawed and misplaced, let’s turn on a light for them … they might just need it as they fight their way back into their place in this world. There are those who are cold, let’s light a fire to keep them warm. There are those enslaved by fear, let’s show up for them, and be their courage. Let’s forgive the sinners and let’s imitate the saints.

As we enter the final days of Christmas 2019, I am reminded of all the special men and women that have crossed my path in my lifetime. I value and cherish all of them. I value those of you who have been so enormously loyal and faithful to me as a human, and then, as someone who ‘just wrote another book.’ I am thankful for your messages of support, and I am deeply grateful for the growing numbers of readers who faithfully read my blogs and books.

Thank you all for that.

I am truly and deeply thankful for the women who have become pillars of strength to me, and I am so overwhelmed by their undying support in all that I do. My friends have been invaluable to me throughout this journey. They have truly been my very own miracle, not only at Christmas, but in every moment, that has overwhelmed me. If these warriors have taught me one thing, it is to only ever look down on someone when helping them up. There are so many ways to love so many others. It comes in so many forms and it finds you, it never misses you. It always finds you, even if it comes through the most unexpected places. Miracles are not always things we can see and we can’t always touch it, but we will always feel it.

Be that for someone, this Christmas.

I hope that you all have a very, merry and safe Christmas this year. I wish you all an abundance of love, health, happiness, warmth, safety and togetherness. I pray that you can find His hand all around you, and I walk in faith that you may see the shift about to come into your life. May Christmas hold a miracle for each one of you. May your hearts be lighter and your lights brighter as you share this Christmas with those you love. May God bless you, and keep you always.

With love,

Alice VL

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