She Is A Lot Like You

He says that the average girl begins to dream of her wedding by the time she is five years old. When she starts planning it at the age of about seven, she first picks out the colors of her chosen flowers, and she finally agrees on the tiers of her wedding cake. By the time she reaches the age of thirteen, she already knows where her wedding will be, and she knows exactly what time her guests would be arriving. At the age of seventeen, she has already designed, and altered her beautiful white wedding gown a thousand times.

She has chosen her Maid of Honor, and she has carefully selected her bridesmaids.He says that when she reaches the age of about twenty-four, she starts looking around for the man who will take her breath away, and make her feel foolish all at the same time. The man who stands proudlynext to her, and whose arms fit perfectly around her. She searches for him in every man she meets, and she listens for silent messages from his heart to hers. She discards flaws that might make her turn away from him; after all, … he need not be faultless, just perfect for her.

She looks into the eyes of a man she hopes would someday share her bed, home and life as though he was made just for her. She gazes penetratingly into them, as she tries to find proof of the children they would have in the not too distant future. He says that he knows this; he sees it in her eyes and he feels it when she is close. He sense how she tries to find recognition in his odor when she breathes him in, deep into her soul.

He says that she will be hunting for a hand that will hold hers closely and possessively, and who will look at her like she is the only girl he has ever seen. She wants him to look at her each time, as though he is seeing her for the very first time. He says that she searches for his honesty in the love she hopeshe would have for her, and she tries to find a promise in his touch, one that swears to her that he would never leave her. He says that he’s not sure what he will be wearing to his wedding. It might be a tux, a suit or white rolled up cotton trousers. He has no idea if he will wear shoes, boots or if he will meet her at the altar, barefoot and with a tie-less, unbuttoned shirt.

He has no clue what his wedding would look like; he can’t even imagine who she is; the one that will attach his last name to hers. But, he can imagine how he would stand at the altar, all six feet of him, and wait for her to make her way down the aisle to him. To only him. He says that he already dreams of her broad, yet nervous smile, and he hopes that it would be so great, the world would be able to see it from Mars. He says that he can visualize her delicately walking up to him, as though she is stepping on stars, and that he probably would rush to meet her halfway, in case she changes her mind.

He says that he will say “I do” and take her for his wife, even before the Pastor finishes his sentence, and apologize for his enthusiasm later. He says that he has been waiting for his future wife to show up, for almost as long as she has been waiting for him. And … when the world asks him about her, he tells them that her eyes search for him from deep within her. That she loves to laugh, and that the world becomes silent when she does. He says that she perhaps, thinks a little too much about everything, but does not take anything too seriously.

He says that she has no idea how beautiful she is, or how her smile feels like home to him. He says that when she whispers his name, the entire planet comes to an abrupt stand-still, as he listens attentively to the only voice he ever wants to hear. He says that she would probably never really make sense to him or to the universe within her, but he is sure that he would love that the most about her.He says that whenever he is asked about his future wife, he always says that,

she is a lot like you.

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